Whether it was a pet dog, that you had since it was a puppy. Or your cat that was always
with you. We capture the moment, that you want to remember, with your own words or bible
reading or text saying 'farewell'.

And sometimes, its hard to do, but later you will be thankful, to have a lasting memory (a pet
memorial) for your furry friend where you laid them to rest.

As mentioned, we custom manufacture memorial pet photos, that are specially printed on
ceramic tile, and are used as part of the memorial stone or plaque placed beside their
ashes or grave side.

Making the size and wording just right is what we do, so that the exact words and look is
captured and
remembered forever.

We make 2 types of tile in 3 sizes.
The 2 types are either the "Solar Tile" or "Standard Tile"

Solar Tile
Our "Solar Tile", is used in cemeteries for head stones. We have a very expensive process
that guarantee for 100 years against weather problems such as any fading, or damage
done by UV - its one tough tile and coating that makes it perfect for outside memorial
stones and markers.

The process takes approximately 4 months (from start to finish) and costs over $500 for
these Solar Tiles....they are not done quickly, we know and they are not cheap (we
understand that too) but they do last, and the color doesn't fade - keeping the pet memorial
photo "perfect" for 100 years.

Standard Tile

This tile looks the same as the more expensive "Solar Tile" and can be made fast and
inexpensive giving a memorial photo or image in a few days from purchase. Will last almost
forever on the inside, like a memorial plaque or tile beside the urn, or as a keepsake on
your mantle - this tile doesn't have to be upgraded Solar Type.

If you use the Standard Tile outside, it will eventually fade. Some folks put it in the shade, it
lasts a few years, others just replace them ever few years, so it always looks fresh. The
process takes a few days to about 1 week, and the price is under $100.00

Pricing and time to manufacture page (for your pet memorial photo)

We manufacture both an indoor tile with finish and outdoor tile
with an outdoor protective finish that we guarantee to last 100
years outdoors against UV and cold. -
this tile, will last!.

All Tiles (except ours) will fade outside, because of the sun.
Depending on the amount of sun will determine just how fast it
will fade and deteriorate. Most lasting 18 months to a couple
years - max.

Our specialized tile is very different and there is nothing like it
on the market, keeping a memorial for your lost pet, dog or cat
on tile and will not fade and we put that Guarantee in writing!

Keeping your pet memories alive!
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Manufacturers of Memorial Ceramic Photo Tiles For Burial Markers,
Head Stones and Urns
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This Memorial Tile (Solar Tile) Can Be Cemented To Burial
Rock For Lasting Memories. 100 year warranty ourdoors!
To Head
Or Rock
We also have Standard tiles that can be used for
a few years outside before they fade because of
the U.V. or can be used for dozens of years
insidefor urns or on mantles.
Your Photo Memorial
Tile On Ceramic - 100 yr.
Guarantee protection
against UV.
In Loving Memory...
Remembering Your Pet.
Its a sad day to say "good-bye" to a family friend.
Tiles for
or burial
(solar tile)
We custom
memorial photo or picture
on to ceramic tile or
porcelain tile.
Using your image or
picture of your lost pet, we
manufacture tile used for
beside the urn (inside tile)
or outside tile as a grave
marker. Creating 'special'
coating on our tiles so they
don't fade in the sun.
www.PetMemorialPhoto.com or email us info@PetMemorialPhoto.com
Solar Tile